Thursday, May 1, 2014

OfficeMate VersaPlus Desk Organizer & Landscape clipboard Review  sent these products to review.The opinions are my own.

#OIC23112  Officemate Desk Organizer

i love this product because it has many departments in a small product. I like that it has a place to display a photo in front.It has two compartments on the bottom that pulls out and you can put in different things for safe keeping.I have filled it full as you can see from the 1st picture.It is a great help to get you organized on your desktop.Design includes 7 different compartments plus slots for 3x5 photo and envelope holder.The organizer is made of black plastic and it is perfect for your desk!

#OIC83050  Officemate Landscape clipboard

This clipboard is  a perfect size for documents that need to be viewed from a different perspective. May be filed in a hanging file frame or in a desktop file box when not in use. Adjustable band hold papers firmly in place. Includes standard filing labels and features a low profile clip
This is different from regular clipboards and i like the look and feel of the smooth surface.It is a great and functional product that will come in handy in your everyday work in your office..It holds up pretty good to rough handling.I have not dropped it yet. I use it for all different types of paper and forms.It is awesome when you need to have the side papers.Great quality and the papers are securely held to board.

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