Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sanford Product Review

  Shoplet.com  sent these Sanford Sharpie Pens to review.The opinions are my own.

Metallic Permanent Marker 


I love these!  These markers are wonderful for those shimmery metallic colors you can't get with other pens.They work better on black or dark paper.These will be great for my crafts and i love the real gold and silver look.Unlike regular sharpies, these really stand out on any surface.They make my writing look elegant.

 Premium Pen


Stainless Steel sharpie.... Amazing! This pen feels light and it is refillable.it has a brushed metal barrel design and it feels comfortable in my hand.This will be the most durable pen you will ever own.It writes smooth and bold.
This Pen combines that bold, smooth, expressive writing experience of a Sharpie permanent marker with the performance of a fine tip pen that doesn't bleed through paper.I really like that.



Neon Permanent Markers


These are the cream of the crop to my daughter.I didn't have to talk her into trying these out. She took them away from me and was having a blast.We love all the colors but....the yellow was so light that we barely could see it. These are great markers and would enhance any drawing,posters,crafts or anything you need them for.They look amazing and the colors are bold and beautiful (except for the yellow).  


  I used the gold metallic pen to decorate these glasses.I love them!

 Premium Pen

Neon Permanent Markers

Metallic Permanent Marker 

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